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The Irrigation Association co-sponsored a side event with other organizations at the United Nations 2023 Water Conference.
The Watch Us Grow: 2022 Industry Standouts program winners focused on developing their hires into the teams they needed to reach their goals.
Jason Walker, CIC, owner of Pate Landscape Company in Montgomery, Alabama, was one of the four winners of the 2022 Watch Us Grow program.
The Biden administration’s rule regarding the Waters of the United States went into effect March 20 in 48 states.
A technician working in the dirt with the words "EVERYDAY CARRY."
Whether out on a job, troubleshooting a repair or providing routine maintenance, irrigation professionals require their own “everyday carry.”
You run a small irrigation business. Things are going well and your business is taking off.
Welcome to Irrigation & Lighting magazine’s Keys to Workforce Success, a collection of business-building best practices from industry consultants and experts.


A computer and cell phone with spreadsheets and a calendar
Trying to institute change during a busy time period will likely lead to low adoption since your people are already focused on other issues.
A white gloved hand holding up a silver platter
Prepare a landscape lighting maintenance agreement in advance and discuss with your client while they are dialed-in to their lighting system.
Computer with email graphics
As the season for activating landscape irrigation systems starts, it is a good idea to consider the importance of communication with clients.

Product Spotlight

Onset's HOBOnet system
Onset Computer Corporation
A reliable HOBO weather station with powerful HOBOnet wireless sensors delivers accurate environmental conditions information.
AMP® ONE RGBW G2 ControlPro™ 800 LED Spotlight
AMP Lighting
The AMP RGBW ControlPro™ 800 Spotlight is a solid brass constructed, commercial grade luminaire with true-to-color LEDs.
Brilliance LED
Brilliance LED’s Joshua Tree Path Light comes complete with one or two G4 Rectangular Wafer sockets. This modern fixture is a downward facing path light perfect for path, area, and garden accent lighting.

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Everyday carry

Whether out on a job, troubleshooting a repair or providing routine maintenance, irrigation professionals require their own “everyday carry.”

Color by numbers

Learn how to use subtle changes in hue and temperature to improve your landscape lighting design.

Take on two-wire

A two-wire irrigation system can provide a lot of flexibility to contractors, running two separate wires from the central controller to each valve through a decoder.

Sprinklers with a purpose

As the U.S. continues to struggle with drought, increased attention and need have been placed on efficient sprinkler heads for landscaping.