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Automatic garden irrigation system watering lawn with adjustable head. Automatic equipment for irrigation and maintenance of lawns, gardening.
The IA is calling on Congress to act swiftly to pass the measure and provide support for water conservation efforts nationwide. 
roofer ,carpenter working on roof structure at construction site
The unemployment rate changed little at 4.0%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, D.C.
Industry associations have asked that Congress offer an amendment to strengthen the current discretionary H-2B language.  
Professionals should submit projects that faced unexpected or unique challenges or produced unparalleled results for clients. 
Panoramic view of Hoover Dam, summer drought
The decision supplements the 2007 Interim Guidelines to address continued low runoff conditions in the Colorado River Basin. 
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Smart Irrigation Month, sponsored by HydroPoint, will emphasize the importance of efficient irrigation in conserving water.


Irrigation and Lighting magazine editor Kyle Brown
Irrigation & Lighting editor in chief Kyle Brown discusses the this year's Keys to Workforce Success feature.
One of the most significant challenges for landscape irrigation contractors is to recruit and onboard staff.
When illuminating large trees, there are specific points to consider. In this article, we will look at some of these considerations.

Product Spotlight

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FX Luminaire
Ready to illuminate your outdoor projects with style and durability? Discover the Cora™ Collection – your budget-friendly solution for landscape lighting that endures.
Hunter Industries
Upgrade existing irrigation systems with the MP Rotator® MP800 Nozzle family from Hunter Industries. With a 0.8 in/hr matched precipitation rate from 6' to 16', it’s perfect for medium-grade soils, gentle slopes, and small spaces.
FX Luminaire
Looking for a budget-friendly landscape lighting solution that will withstand the elements? Introducing the Cora™ Collection!
Hunter Industries
Nix the Wires with the Wireless Valve Link!
HindSite Software
Powered by HindSite Software, FieldCentral is the irrigation business software built specifically for you, by people who’ve actually lived it. Embracing the passion of irrigation entrepreneurs, FieldCentral helps you maximize and grow your business. New estimates, service calls, or seasonal chaos, start turning too much work into just another Tuesday.
Paige Water Solutions
Paige Water Solutions is proud to offer 3M Direct Burial Splices, which are the most reliable option on the market.

In The Magazine

Valve fundamentals

Simply put, valves in an irrigation system are like the beefy doormen outside a posh nightclub.

Wire right

The number one rule of thumb when working with electricity is to always use caution, and working with low-voltage wiring is no exception.

Designing for success

A look at how to deploy irrigation system design software on a project and advice to contractors interested in using software on projects.

Nozzles’ new norm

The WaterSense draft specifies criteria for landscape irrigation spray sprinkler nozzles to earn a label under the EPA’s program.