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As the busy season gets underway, it’s inevitable that irrigation contractors are going to be spending more time face-to-face with clients.
customer communication
Build a strong customer service program by staying connected with clients.
professionals understand client saying
Keeping the lines of communication open between landscape and irrigation professionals is critical in creating new, well-functioning landscape projects.
TOCA recognized Irrigation & Lighting magazine with three honors in its 2023 awards, which highlight excellence in industry publishing.
A technician working in the dirt with the words "EVERYDAY CARRY."
Whether out on a job, troubleshooting a repair or providing routine maintenance, irrigation professionals require their own “everyday carry.”
A graphic of a person climbing stairs to a trophy with the words "see the path ahead."
There are some really good reasons for having designated career paths. It sends the right message to your team and becomes part of your employee experience.
A graphic of people having a conversation with the words "start listening."
Many business owners and managers in the irrigation and landscape lighting industries are worried that they cannot find good employees.
A two-wire irrigation system can provide a lot of flexibility to contractors, running two separate wires from the central controller to each valve through a decoder.
Sprinklers watering turf and ornamental landscape.
As the U.S. continues to struggle with drought, increased attention and need have been placed on efficient sprinkler heads for landscaping.