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TrueWinds Consulting has launched a new blog intended to “assist green industry professionals chart a course to success in their business.”
It takes different types of people to successfully accomplish the types of tasks that must be completed in the office and out in the field.
The Irrigation Association will host a one-hour webinar Sept. 27 titled “The Challenge to Meet California’s Landscape Regulation.”  
Aside from good wages and fair benefits, there are a number of other things that will help create a culture to attract top notch employees.
Professional certifications like those from the Irrigation Association can help develop your crew into a competent force in the field.
One of the challenges for most business owners, managers and employees today is they don’t really know what their customers are experiencing.
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Many businesses think the lowest price approach is the only way to market their services and products. This is not always the case.
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Creating solid diversity, equity and inclusion efforts go a long way in developing teamwork, supporting labor issues and improving revenues.
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Many business owners and managers in the irrigation and landscape lighting industries are worried that they cannot find good employees.
Project EverGreen named its 2023 officers and board of directors, including many professionals in the irrigation and green industries, in January.