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Interior allocates-$152-million
The Department of the Interior allocated $152 million dollars for water storage and conveyance projects in the Western U.S. through H.R.3684.
The Department of the Interior is initiating the process to develop future operating guidelines and strategies to protect the Colorado River.
The Dept. of the Interior launched a water recycling program that will incentivize projects at a larger scale, with no cap on project size.
Irrigation & Lighting magazine named the three winners of its Watch Us Grow: 2023 Industry Standouts program.
The words "Watch Us Grow 2023 Industry Standouts" with three headshots of the award winners.
Building a company and encouraging growth while harnessing an engaged workforce in an active market isn’t easy for irrigation and landscape lighting professionals.
The Department of Interior released a draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement with major implications for the Colorado River Basin. 
Oral arguments were presented to the U.S. Supreme Court in Department of the Interior v. Navajo Nation and State of Arizona v. Navajo Nation on March 20.
Vectorworks Inc. announces its design scholarship winners and named Michelle Wanitzek as the Richard Diehl Award winner in December.
A residence with red and green landscape lighting and the words Smart landscaping at the top
Instead of repeating the putting up and taking down of themed or seasonal landscape lighting, what if the same lights could be used all year?
A gif of a drone, filling station, sprinkler, recycling technology and flooding gauge
Check out how the industry's leading indicators have changed in the past month, as well as a collection of the top exclusive articles and supplier updates.