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PR_LPI_Zone Controller
Each zone delivers 10 amps of smooth LED dimming. The IP67 rating with potted electronics provides installers confidence for harsh environments.
As the busy season gets underway, it’s inevitable that irrigation contractors are going to be spending more time face-to-face with clients.
landscape lighting industry insights
Keynote speaker shares a bright outlook on the economy and landscape lighting industry.
outdoor lighting system origin
Meet the inventor of the 12v lighting system.
past landscape lighting entrepreneurs
Nightingale developed fixtures that could be hidden in plain sight, a trait of a very skilled magician.
Irrigation & Lighting magazine has opened its Changing the Landscape Awards program for this year’s entries. 
Fairfax, Virginia-based Irrigation & Lighting magazine named its winners for the 2023 Irrigation & Lighting Changing the Landscape Awards. 
For those of you exploring landscape lighting, this article reviews some electrical terminology and calculations needed in the field.
Irrigation & Lighting magazine named the three winners of its Watch Us Grow: 2023 Industry Standouts program.