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Even if you have done all you can it never hurts to get a second opinion by hiring a certified contractor to go over your irrigation system.
The WaterSense draft specifies criteria for landscape irrigation spray sprinkler nozzles to earn a label under the EPA’s program.
Wildfire Smoke along Mountain Road in Afternoon
The bill allows for the use of native grasses and sods that are better suited for arid conditions.
Topics of discussion included the farm bill, business policy and guest worker programs. 
The legislation seeks a delay of the filing deadline, aiming to provide small businesses additional time to understand the requirements.
Bisconer has served on the IA Board since 2018 and took over for Randy Wood, who served as the 2023 IA president. 
This year’s event culminated in an in-person certification exam on March 15 at the IA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. 
united states capitol building in washington dc
Congress will vote on a $435 billion spending package on Feb. 28 that will keep portions of the government funded through the fiscal year.
Raymon Alan “Ray” York, former president and CEO of Ewing Outdoor Supply and IA, past president, passed away on January 24, 2024.
Engineer checks the operation of the irrigation system in an agr
The IA submitted a letter to the California Energy Commission regarding its Landscape Irrigation Controllers Proposed Standards. 
The 2022 census reports an increase in the number of establishments with paid employees, rising to over 8 million.
The rule is effective March 11 and revises its guidance on how to analyze and classify who is an employee or contractor under the FSLA.
The CTA is designed to prevent the misuse of shell companies and opaque ownership structures by malicious actors.
In response to these challenges, industry leaders have strategies to bolster resilience and continuity.
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The Irrigation Association, Fairfax, Virginia, endorsed the bill before its introduction through supportive action in November.
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