The accolade is given to women who have significantly contributed to the irrigation industry, embodying the spirit and dedication of Ivy Munion Langendorff.
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Topics of discussion included the farm bill, business policy and guest worker programs. 
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The FCC has announced the launch of a voluntary cybersecurity labeling program designed to enhance the security of wireless IoT products.  
The legislation seeks a delay of the filing deadline, aiming to provide small businesses additional time to understand the requirements.
Bisconer has served on the IA Board since 2018 and took over for Randy Wood, who served as the 2023 IA president. 
This year’s event culminated in an in-person certification exam on March 15 at the IA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. 
The initiative celebrates irrigation and lighting contractors who have had a successful year, sharing their stories in Irrigation & Lighting.  
In a decision by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama the CTA has been declared unconstitutional.
It’s almost time to share your company’s story in the Watch Us Grow: 2024 Industry Standouts program.