The WaterSense draft specifies criteria for landscape irrigation spray sprinkler nozzles to earn a label under the EPA’s program.
One of the most significant challenges for landscape irrigation contractors is to recruit and onboard staff.
Wildfire Smoke along Mountain Road in Afternoon
The bill allows for the use of native grasses and sods that are better suited for arid conditions.
In response to these challenges, industry leaders have strategies to bolster resilience and continuity.
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It would take effect in early 2025 if passed and prohibits installation of nonfunctional turf, artificial turf or invasive plant species.
The 2024 Equip Exposition, owned and managed by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, will bring several new offerings to the 2024 event.
The public comment periods for two impactful irrigation-related proposals have been extended following requests by the Irrigation Association.
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With the draft published, Nathan Bowen of the Irrigation Association says the IA and other stakeholders will evaluate the proposal.
The map was developed in conjunction with Oregon State University’s Prism Climate Group and the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.
What does 2024 look like and how can the irrigation industry prepare? I believe 2024 might reflect more of what we now accept as “normal.”