The Census Bureau, Washington, D.C., reported that privately‐owned housing starts were down in March.
52 representatives sent a letter to the DHS and USCIS asking them to reconsider their proposed fee increases for the H-2B visa program. 
The Irrigation Association sent comments to the EPA in response to its NOI to Develop a Draft Specification for Spray Sprinkler Nozzles. 
USCIS has received enough petitions to reach the cap for the additional H-2B visas for returning workers for the early second half of FY '23.
Jason Walker, CIC, owner of Pate Landscape Company in Montgomery, Alabama, was one of the four winners of the 2022 Watch Us Grow program.
A technician working in the dirt with the words "EVERYDAY CARRY."
Whether out on a job, troubleshooting a repair or providing routine maintenance, irrigation professionals require their own “everyday carry.”
The H-2B Workforce Coalition published a response to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.  
The words "color by numbers" over an illuminated residential landscape.
After investing considerable time and effort into landscape design, plant material and installation, a new landscape needs to really stand out.
Sprinklers watering turf and ornamental landscape.
As the U.S. continues to struggle with drought, increased attention and need have been placed on efficient sprinkler heads for landscaping.
A computer and cell phone with spreadsheets and a calendar
Trying to institute change during a busy time period will likely lead to low adoption since your people are already focused on other issues.