Proposed Colorado Senate bill prohibits landscaping practices for water conservation

It would take effect in early 2025 if passed and prohibits installation of nonfunctional turf, artificial turf or invasive plant species.
The bill restricts some entities from installing nonfunctional and artificial turf in commercial areas and along transportation corridors.

Colorado’s Senate Bill 24-005, proposes significant changes in landscaping practices, especially those involving plant installation choice to manage water use.  

The bill would take effect in January 2025 if passed and prohibits local governments and unit owners’ associations of common interest communities from installing nonfunctional turf, artificial turf or invasive plant species on certain properties and along transportation corridors.  

“As we saw in California and Nevada last year, legislation like Colorado’s Senate Bill 24-005 that prohibits certain landscaping practices is likely to continue proliferating in many areas of the country,” says Nathan Bowen, Irrigation Association advocacy and public affairs vice president.  

Sponsored by Sens. Dylan Roberts, D-Colorado, and Cleave Simpson, R-Colorado, along with Reps. Karen McCormick, D-Colorado, and Barbara McLachlan, D-Colorado, the bill defines nonfunctional turf as “predominantly ornamental and located in areas such as streets, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, frontage areas, or medians not regularly used for civic, community, or recreational purposes; however, it does not include turf located in parks, sports fields, or playgrounds.” 

“The growing focus on landscaping practices in response to climate and water resource challenges underscores the evolving landscape of water resource management,” says Bowen. “It’s a significant development that will force the irrigation industry to monitor for potential impacts, adapt and innovate.” 

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