Don’t waste daylight

Make sure everyone in every part of your company has what they need to make this season one of the best ever.
Irrigation and Lighting magazine editor Kyle Brown
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I’m not certain if you were paying attention back in late January, but something important happened right around that time wherever you are in the U.S. While the shortest day overall is somewhere around the December solstice, the latest sunrise hits during the last couple days of January. The specific day is a little bit staggered in different locations thanks to the tilt of the Earth, but from that point on, there are brighter days ahead in the season.

I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, especially on the cusp of the new work season. There are clients to reconnect with, employees to train and systems to check. Who has time to think about exactly what time the sun is coming up?

Most everyone feels a little bit better with more sunlight in the day, even if that’s helped along with some coffee. Just getting through those darkest weeks can feel like an accomplishment, especially when you’ve been spending so much of that time thinking about the upcoming year. I’m sure by now you’ve put into practice everything you learned while you were at the Irrigation Show and Education Week in Las Vegas in December, and you’ve followed up on the networking connections you built there.

These winter months are the right time to build plans for how you’ll bring in the right employees and encourage them to stick around by showing that you value their contributions and have a path forward for them in the company. It’s a great opportunity to listen to what current employees have to say and find the pain points that need to be addressed before the first visit with any client. And it’s never too early to think about a plan farther into the future for where the company is headed and what that might look like for you. Make sure everyone in every part of your company has what they need to make this season one of the best ever.

Make sure everyone in every part of your company has
what they need to make this season one of the best ever.

With a little more light overhead, it’s time to take one last look at how you’ve checked over and improved your business plans for the season. Take a deep breath (and maybe a sip of coffee) as you notice the sunrise coming along, and then put those plans into action. The sun’s been tough to come by for the past few months. Don’t waste that daylight!

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Kyle Brown is editor-in-chief of Irrigation & Lighting magazine and can be reached via email.

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