US federal employees to receive $15 minimum wage
The new hourly pay minimum will impact 67,000 out of 2.2 million federal civilian employees.
IA urges EPA to prioritize WaterSense in strategic plan
Created by the IA, the EPA and other NGOs, the WaterSense program covers water-efficient performance measures.
infrastructure law; Western water infrastructure
Signed into law by President Joe Biden Nov. 15, Western water infrastructure funding stands among the top of the $1 trillion package.
infrastructure investment jobs act
The bill, having passed the Senate, moves toward a final vote scheduled for the end of September.
H-2B seasonal worker exemption
H.R. 3897 would allow 160,000 seasonal workers every year among other changes.
NALP returning worker act
This legislation would enact H-2B reforms and cap relief through a returning worker exception.
H-2B program
The H-2B visas will be made available in the coming months.
Karla Segundo
Karla Segundo joins as the association’s manager of government relations.
biden president
Irrigation Association ready to serve as an industry resource to the new administration.
h-2b visa nonimmigrant program
Contractors face a difficult season with reduced availability of H-2B employees.