As the busy season gets underway, it’s inevitable that irrigation contractors are going to be spending more time face-to-face with clients.
Irrigation & Lighting magazine has opened its Changing the Landscape Awards program for this year’s entries. 
The words "color by numbers" over an illuminated residential landscape.
After investing considerable time and effort into landscape design, plant material and installation, a new landscape needs to really stand out.
A white gloved hand holding up a silver platter
Prepare a landscape lighting maintenance agreement in advance and discuss with your client while they are dialed-in to their lighting system.
Irrigation and Lighting magazine editor Kyle Brown
Make sure everyone in your company has what they need to make this season the best, says Irrigation and Lighting Editor-in-Chief Kyle Brown.
The cover for the 2023 Green Industry Outlook. A red hot air ballon with the words "Green Industry Outlook."
This year’s Green Industry Outlook survey builds on the trends of past years while introducing some changes.
A residence with red and green landscape lighting and the words Smart landscaping at the top
Instead of repeating the putting up and taking down of themed or seasonal landscape lighting, what if the same lights could be used all year?
A recycling graphic in front of evergreen pine needles
In today’s world there is a large movement to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth.
Kyle Brown, Irrigation & Lighting editor-in-chief
As the warm months have wound down, the industry’s focus has shifted again to gatherings like the Irrigation Show and Education Week in Las Vegas.
The exterior of residence illuminated by landscape lighting with the words "Connected home, SMART SYSTEMS," and "After"
The adoption of smart-home technologies, or gadgets that control appliances through wireless internet connections, is on the rise.