Powered by HindSite Software, FieldCentral is the irrigation business software built specifically for you, by people who’ve actually lived it. Embracing the passion of irrigation entrepreneurs, FieldCentral helps you maximize and grow your business. New estimates, service calls, or seasonal chaos, start turning too much work into just another Tuesday.
HindSite Software

For over 20 years, HindSite Software has been proud to provide business owners with the tools they need to succeed in the green industry and enjoy the life they’ve built. Because that’s who we were founded by, and who we were founded for. Our cloud-based software, FieldCentral, is a reflection of that. From the big features you need, to the nuances of our industry, you’ll experience a software that finally understands your day and helps you get more done with the team you have.


Calm The Chaos. Save The Day
You never know what the next call is going to bring. Keep control & respond like the pro you are with intuitive & automated features built to manage the chaos.


  • Real-Time Tech Location & Proximity
  • Adaptive Daily Scheduling
  • Proactive Action Alerts


Build & Keep Customers’ Trust
FieldCentral provides you with all the communication tools and automated alerts you need to cultivate confidence with your customers and exceed their expectations.


  • Connect Automated Email & Texting
  • Property & System Info & History
  • Service Agreement Tracking


Maximize Your Profit
From getting more jobs out of every day to getting paid for everything you do, FieldCentral provides you with the power to maximize your profit and keep growing.


  • Rapid Payments (from the office or field)
  • Seasonal Contracts Mass-Scheduling
  • Time & Material Tracking for QuickBooks Billing


Please note: These products serve as industry resources for informational purposes only. Irrigation & Lighting and the Irrigation Association do not endorse the use of any particular provider or product.

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